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Experience the full tropical vacation in Cebu Islands

Cebu Islands aren’t just another tourist attraction. This is one of the best tropical vacations that you can have. The thing is that there aren’t many people that are considering the Cebu Islands as a destination that they want to go to. But, this is just because they don’t know what this island is all about and how you can experience the full tropical vacations. With these tips, you will be sure to have one of the best vacations ever, in this tropical destination:

Visiting Pescador Island

You will not experience the full tropical vacation in Cebu Islands if you didn’t make time for visiting the Pescador Island. This is one of the most beautiful island and you will not regret taking a day to visit this island.

Many people don’t really consider going and visiting other islands around Cebu Islands, but if you do, you will realize that there are some other great tropical islands near Cebu that you can’t miss out on.

Visiting the sacred and religious sites

The one thing that is making this one of the best experienced ever, is to visit all the different sacred and religious sites in and around Cebu Islands. You will be surprised about the amount of religious places there are that you can visit and experience.

This gives a look into the religion that is practiced on the Cebu Islands for many years. You will see some historical buildings, some might be a bit more modern, but they are all exceptionally build.

The different types of waterfalls you can see

The thing that is making the Cebu Island a true tropical destination isn’t just the great beach that you can find there. There are also a numerous amount of waterfalls that you will be able to see. These waterfalls are beautiful. And is making sure that you know that you are at one of the best and most beautiful tropical destinations that are not known by many people.

There are four of these waterfalls that you should just see when you are visiting this island. This is going to give you the experience of a lifetime.

Laying on the beach and having a relaxed day

If you are not going to Cebu for traveling around and visiting sites and other islands, then you should not think that this isn’t a destination for you. You can still go to this tropical destination and have a great time. You can lay on the beach and enjoy the great weather and relax. You can do this every day, because the beaches are beautiful with the white sand and the clear blue sea.

Cebu Island. The hidden tropical destination has all of the paint colors I would normally use in one of my paintings. This is because there are not many people that are familiar with this island and what you can get from it. There are many things that you can do at this island to ensure that you are getting the best tropical holiday that you will not forget very soon.


My buddy Rusty told me about this place! Shout out to Rusty!